Plus root theory does not claim to be perfect. However, it does claim to be good enough to make improvements in our present condition. It is a non-totalitarian approach to: A. clear understanding; B. impartial truth: C. right reason; D. fair play; E. good will; F. civil discourse, G. wise priorities. It presupposes and supports values of educated commonsense, credible judgment, sound rational thinking, and high quality negotiation.
Plus philosophy is non-totalitarian. It does not claim to be expressed with absolute perfection or promise final solutions to the problems of society. Instead, it stresses that: we humans are inherently limited in our knowledge and cannot achieve perfect understanding. At the same time, it recognizes the immutable, universal character of impartial truth and emphasizes the merit of human accomplishment. The plus approach is an improvement way to better living that is neither gullible nor cynical. In plus priorities, human intellect is viewed as a greater gift than physiological talents such as instinct, conditioned reflex and learning through imitation, which are also viewed as wonderful gifts and basic to our human nature.
Plus root theory makes a concerted effort to distinguish between independent reality and the version it presents. It claims to be adequately sound for the occasion but is far from finished and obviously not perfect. Plus ideology is not new. In the main, it expresses what most people mean but don’t say explicitly because they do not have time.
If we properly set our priorities and if we learn how to spot the most serious errors and if we adequately correct them, we will discover that fixing the mistake is relatively easy. Consequently, redressing pertinent elemental mistakes is an effective and feasible way to advance our abilities to progress in peace.
Plus root theory is for those who desire peaceful progress rather than revolutionary absolutes. It shows connections between the quality of rational theory presupposed in a group and the ability of that group to avoid mental cruelty and physical violence. The more sound the rational thinking, the more hope there is for improvement. Of course sound rational thinking is not the only crucial factor involved in building a safe and sane society, but it is a necessary factor and one easily overlooked.