In reading examples in plus root theory, please stay aware that examples are only examples.
It is easy to misunderstand what another person means. To completely know others motivation is impossible. Consequently, in plus root theory, emphasis is on the example as interpreted and not on the motive of the person who expressed it. The example has merit only insofar as it represents a trend. The true intention of the person quoted is not the issue. More likely than not, the speaker merely parrots the political zeitgeist and has never considered the problem in the light that a focused analysis shines on the case.
Until proven culpable, individuals should be considered innocent of thought conceit. Often innocent people perpetuate negative trends unaware of their contribution to a morbid tendency. It is the ‘trend’ that is dangerous. Trends of conceit (eristic themes) move the rational style of our society away from appreciation of impartial truth and into the realm of egocentric expediency. The real problem is to see the conceit for what it is and to find ways of correcting the problem. We should aim to make society better, not worse.