Authentic =+df facts, laws, theories and other intrinsic values that are true, proper, and justified independent of our knowledge of them. Some other terms in the plus system that refer to the authentic realm are: impartial, intrinsic, unbiased, objective, genuine, necessary, absolute, perfect, ideal, complete, consummate. [See Ideal]
Rational Authentic =+df facts, laws, theories and other values specifically pertaining to rational theory that are true, proper and justified independent of our knowledge of them.
Value. Authentic is a value idea. Authentic suggests that there is both authentic and unauthentic. It suggests that authentic is better than the unauthentic. It implies that, since one is better than the other, we should seek the better course. This also implies we humans have the ability to make the choice. If we can make the choice and should make the choice, we have a duty to do so. Duty implies that we have free will. These implications and suggestions are involved in the term 'authentic'.  Authentic is a value idea.
Plus root system stresses a distinction between authentic and affirmative. Stipulating these distinctions and applying them helps clear up several problems.
Affirmative thinkers appreciate the difference between authentic and affirmative although they do not usually put their ideas in these terms or emphasize the distinction in their discourse. The distinction is there by way of intuition and assumption. The plus approach supposes the distinction is there unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.