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Answers to the big puzzle, as presented in the following pages, are both similar to and different from standard solutions. They are similar because they support basic requirements of sound rational thinking, such as: promote clear ideas, expand knowledge, respect truth and use valid deduction. They are different because this study spotlights elemental principles, often unspoken, that underlying standard solutions. Questions about elemental issues are root problems because they are like the roots of a tree.

By Virginia Vallee

If the fate of the mankind were to hang on one philosophical term, it would be the word ‘dialectic’. This is because the dialectic a thinker endorses is the key to the inner rooms of his hidden intensions and true values. From this point of view, the safety and sanity of the world depends on which dialectical system a society underwrites.

Personal Note: I wrote the following collection of thoughts in 1986, prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. I include these ideas in this web site because this essay helps explain the origin of Plusroot Theory.